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Test Drive Veeam Endpoint Backup (Beta) – Update

Veeam recently published the Veeam Endpoint Backup Release Candidate (RC). I found out about it while browsing through the Forums. Here’s the link to the post: It contains a list of new features and fixes. The bits are located here: … Continue reading

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Test drive Veeam Endpoint Backup (Beta)

Veeam recently announced an additional backup product to compliment their Availability Suite V8 solution. It’s called Veeam Endpoint Backup (VEB). As of this writing it is Beta Release. VEB is a standalone backup solution for physical computers.

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Veeam Replication-Failover-Failback

Replication is the process of copying a VM from a source host to a target host which may be a redundant host in the same site or more often than not to a Disaster Recover (DR) site. Veeam creates an … Continue reading

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Veeam Extract Utility

Veeam 7 now has an “extract” utility that can be used to recover Virtual Machines (VMs) from a full backup (.VBK) file. This is a perfect solution for someone using Reversed Incremental mode. Reversed Incremental  means the most current backup … Continue reading

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What’s happening during a Veeam backup

I recently had a conversation with an associate concerning Windows Failover Clusters failing over at the time a Veeam backup job is running. The situation involves two virtual machines running Windows Server 2012 configured as nodes in a Failover Cluster. … Continue reading

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Ethernet over Powerline – adding WiFi

I’ve written about using Powerline adapters in the electrical wiring of your home or office to extend the typical Ethernet LAN in an earlier post. Using two adapters, turns your electrical wiring into one giant Ethernet wire. This is a … Continue reading

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Veeam Backup & Replication Computer Trust Relationship

Veeam Backup and Replication, is a fantastic product for managing VM backup, replication to other data centers, and recovery. You can find details on the Backup and Replication product as well as on the monitoring application called VeeamOne at the … Continue reading

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Veeam Backup & Replication

I recently had an opportunity to participate in another backup solution. This project used Veeam Backup & Replication and the VeeamOne Management Suite. You can get product information, whitepapers, technical references, videos and the inevitable marketing pitches and testimonials on the … Continue reading

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V2V Conversion with Starwind

This blog is a continuation of the adventure started in the previous post VMware P2V Conversion. In that post, I used VMware tools to convert a physical web server running IIS on Windows 2003 Enterprise SP2 to a VMware virtual … Continue reading

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VMware P2V conversion

I project that I’ve been working on recently offered an opportunity to work with VMware virtualization technology. The client has an EXSi installation with a number of hosts and a server running vSphere. The opportunity to work on a project involving … Continue reading

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