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BPOS for ELAP … the other communication services

The Office Communicator is probable the most confusing part of the trial due to the architecture which allows for the incompatibility of the on-premise and online services. Also, depending the the previous steps that have been taken in the trial, the OS on the computer and the version of the .Net Framework currently installed, you will have to rely on intuition and your previous experiences to determine what steps you need to take to get Communicator function. Once installed and configured correctly, Communicator functions as expected. Continue reading

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BPOS for ELAP … the trial begins

Microsoft offers a 30 day trial of their Business Productivity Online Service (BPOS) directly or they will put you in touch with a local partner organization. I visited the Microsoft Online Services site at http://www.microsoft.com/online/ to get product information and searched for a … Continue reading

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A single license (5 minimum) for Exchange Online is $5.00 per month (1 year committment) with a 25GB mailbox and all the other stuff that you get in Exchange including connecting to your Outlook client and the Outlook Web Access application. For a 5 person operation, the yearly cost is $300 for the entire organization.
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