HP Photosmart B210 does not print black ink

Suddenly, when needed the most, you find that your HP printer misbehaves. No, I don’t mean the error that you have not installed a “genuine HP cartridge.” That’s really irritating and may force you to purchase an additional cartridge or two to appease the beast or if the cost of the replacement cartridges equals or exceeds the cost of a replacement printer, then it’s time to take a hammer to the plastic and shop for something new. Hopefully one that still uses the print cartridges you still have in your possession.

Ok, My printer stopped printing in black ink. It actually printed in oh, so very light gray. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. Align Print Heads – nope. Clean Print Heads – a great way to empty your print cartridges, so you will buy new ones! Try printing a diagnostic page. Nice if it weren’t for the fact that black doesn’t show.

I tried printing a test page from the Printer Properties and it confirmed my suspicion that it wasn’t a software problem. But why black?

The HP Forums, like all other “free advice” are worthless. Until you find the right one! Let’s give credit where it is due. Check this solution from Jack Kennedy on YouTube. The video shows you how to remove the print heads, give them a shower and reinsert them back into the printer. The only thing I can add is be careful when you take it out because it is really gunked up and you’ll get dirty fingers if you aren’t careful.

Why black? Well, its the most popular color we use isn’t it? Stands to reason.

One last thing. When you re-assemble the components and power on the printer, be prepared to go through a series of tasks while the printer fills up the ink reserves in the print head. It will go through a number of requests to clean the print head so that ink flows evenly and then a series of alignment tests. If you don’t follow along with the requests you will be interrupted and asked to perform the test every time you print a document. Best to comply.

One last thing, these tests as we know tend to drain the ink supply, so be prepared.

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