How to arrange the order of Outlook Profiles

Outlook 2010 and other editions as well support multiple eMail profiles. An Outlook profile can include a single mail account (POP, IMAP, MAPI, or what have you) or it can include multiple ones. An example of this would be to add all of your Gmail IMAP accounts into a single profile; your Microsoft accounts (Outlook, Hotmail, Live) into another profile. You get the picture.

When you have multiple profiles setup and you launch Outlook, you get a window that allows you to choose which profile to load. You can see this below.


You can use the Control Panel – Mail applet to create the profiles as well as select a default one to use. If you select the default, it will always launch that profile and you will not be able to make any choices. You can change this by running the Mail Control Panel app and unselecting a default profile.

The Outlook selector shows the profiles in the order that they were created. If the third profile you created is the one you want to use 80% of the time, then you need to use the dropdown and find it. If the profile is the first one in the list, you just need to press the OK button.

So, how do you rearrange the order of the profiles that are presented in the window? The secret is in the Windows Registry. Run regedit and navigate to the following key:



Just edit the value in Default Profile to match the profile names shown. When you Launch Outlook, that value will be presented instead of the profile listed in order created.

Also note that Registry Editor in Windows 10, Find behaves a bit differently than Windows 7. CTL-F brings up the entry window and then it disappears; however, the value is cached so when you press F3, it reappears and continues the search.

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