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About Laurel

Laurel Hale is a seasoned content publishing professions with almost 20 years of experience in the software industry. She has spent the last 6 years with Microsoft at the Redmond, WA campus where she wrote technical content for the performance features of SQL Server, managed the SQL Server Engine content team, and most recently managed three teams who delivered content for Microsoft Office Excel, Access, and Sharepoint BI to Office.com. Previous to joining Microsoft, Laurel worked for 6 years as a Principal Technical Writer at Oracle Corporation headquarters in Redwood Shores, CA, where she focused on the security features of the database. Before her stint at Oracle, Laurel was a successful freelance technical writer in Silicon Valley, working for start-ups and large software publishers that included IBM in San Jose, DSP Communications in Cupertino, and others.

Laurel is a hands-on technologist who works directly with product managers, developers, and users in order to get a firm understanding of the base technology. That fundamental understanding of the technology combined with strong written and oral communication skills enables her to "cut to the chase" and deliver the right content to her customers at the right time.